I am in the process of rebuilding my whole life, and in this process, I will on the sideline continue my dyspraxia awareness project.


I am in the process of taking certifications in coaching and nutrition, to get papers on all the skills I have learned autodiadact and during other studies where it is not obvious from the papers, which skills are included.



Next I will dive into my dream of becoming a photograph and in addition maybe work with upcycling furnitures, DIY in general, interior and garden design.



Therefore, this website is currently undergoing a major restructuring and some of the areas will take form in the next month. I hope you will bear with me.


Taking pictures is like a meditation for me and a way of catching the beauty surrouding us.


Most of the pictures captured are nature and I also do product pictures once in a while.

Food and recipes

I love food and cooking.

In 2009 I released a recipebook in Denmark called "Englemad" (Angelfood) about how to create tasty dished without artificial substances and chemicals in general.

Thrive with dyspraxia

Not many know about dyspraxia, and therefore I have chosen to start the project "Under my nerves" to spread awareness about dyspraxia (being born with an underdeveloped nervous system)

Chemical free lifestyle

Based on protecting the earth and enviroment is very important to me and developing chemical sensitivity, I have chosen to live chemical free, and it is not that hard. Therefore, I am sharing my tips and tricks here


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CALL ME : +45 5191 6899

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